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About me

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In 1992 two people said they were going to have sex and now I have to pay taxes. But thanks to this decision, I can travel and see the world today. Traveling brutally expands my horizons, I love getting to know new places and new people. I like to expose myself to unexpected situations and solve problems that arise on the road. 

On this blog, I would like to bring you specific tips/recommendations as well as warnings about what to avoid in the given countries/cities. I will write the blog as if I were talking to you, I will not stylize it extra.

I don't risk traveling, even though I left Slovakia about 6 times in 2022, I want to get to know the places I travel to as much as possible. I don't go on short 2-3 day trips, but I try to stay in the country for at least 14 days, ideally 1-3 months.

I believe that the videos and photos that I add here will convince many of you to visit the given places. 

Btw, I've hated talking about myself all my life.

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